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Metallwerk Biebighäuser GmbH was founded in 1932 and supplied the first parts to the automotive industry as early as 1948. Our core business “Automotive” has continuously developed from these beginnings and today, together with various subsidiaries and affiliates, we are part of the BIEBIGHÄUSER Group, a specialist company closely interwoven with the international automotive industry.

Our product range is mainly focused on the design, development and industrial production of fittings, media-conveying system assemblies and specialist connecting components in the powertrain. We are technology experts in tube forming including upstream and downstream production processes such as hydroforming and steel, stainless steel and aluminium soldering as well as automated assembly processes.

Quality management, occupational safety as well as health and environmental protection are of paramount importance to us. To this end, all employees are involved in a continuous improvement process and regularly receive in-depth training. The quality of our product and these key factors form the basis for our business activities and strengthen the foundation for the present and future success of our company.

Subsidiaries and affiliates


Production of highly integrative parts from thermoplastics and elastomers.



Biebighäuser Slovakia s.r.o (BSK) is also a member of the Biebighäuser Group.


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