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Biebighäuser develops and manufactures technologically advanced components and assemblies using cutting-edge methods, planning tools and manufacturing processes. Based on decades of experience, we have continuously enhanced our core competencies in the field of media-conveying pipes in the powertrain and therefore enjoy a market-leading position within our product segment.

Our main customers are primarily automotive manufacturers (OEMs). For them we serve as development partners in all technological fields involving the powertrain. Besides the combustion engine, we are also closely connected through many joint projects with the development divisions for alternative drives and e-mobility.

As a medium-sized company offering products “made in Germany” and additional manufacturing capacities in Slovakia, we deliver to customers around the globe. Technical skills, flexible logistics processes and excellent quality performance are our distinctive characteristics and create the basis for long-term, trusting relationships with our clients.



We provide media-conveying pipes for powertrains in the international automotive industry.



We develop media-conveying pipes for alternative energy vehicles such as the Audi e-tron.


Manufacturing processes

We draft and implement all manufacturing processes for the production of prime quality components.



Our media-conveying oil pipes ensure oil supply for turbochargers, transmissions and other units. They meet the strict cleanliness requirements of the automotive industry.


Pipes made of a wide variety of materials and material mixes provide for secure connections for cooling circuits, heat exchangers and pumps.


Our media-conveying pipes for electrically powered vehicles inter alia comprise coolant pipes for power electronics and thermal management lines for batteries.


Tank ventilation and degas lines are used, in particular, to increase the power output of combustion engines charged by exhaust-driven turbochargers

Thermoplastics and Elastomers

We produce highly integrative parts from thermoplastics and elastomers.

Alternative drives

With our production of media-conveying pipes we contribute to the development of new drive concepts and assist our customers in the implementation of sustainable and environmentally sound mobility solutions.

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Skilled personnel is the key to success!

No matter whether you are an experienced professional or executive looking for a new challenge, if you would like to complete an apprenticeship or an internship for professional reorientation, or if you are looking for a career start—Metallwerk Biebighäuser GmbH is always on the lookout for qualified and motivated employees.

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